Some Cool stuffs for Windows XP


Here are some cool looking graphics gadgets for your Windows XP. Hope all of you likes it.

BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2

Description :
BricoPack Vista Inspirat is a free pack which modifies Windows XP system files in order to change its appearance and make it look like Windows Vista (the next operating system made by Microsoft).

Rewarded by a lot of magazine, Vista Inspirat BricoPack is the best way to change quickly and easily your Windows icons, logon and visual style.

Warning : the use of a BricoPack installed without following our instructions can make your system down. Before installing this BricoPack, please read the instructions page "about the BricoPacks". You must not install this pack on Windows x64.
Download: BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2

n Vienna Sidebar 1.3

Description :
nVienna Sidebar is cool Sidebar for your Windows XP. It includes various gadgets like inbuilt player,controls to shutdown,logoff and restart computer,online search preloaded with google,yahoo,msn search etc,Date and time along with settings,cpu and ram meter,drive space indicator.Above all it contains shortcuts to various frequently used programs like Y!Messenger,Google talk,Skype ,Browsers like Firefox,IE,Opera,Games,Office,My Computer,Control Panel,Media Player,Movie Maker,Command Prompt,Volume control etc.So nJoy this great release.
Download:n Vienna Sidebar 1.3


Description :
DeskHedron is a 3D virtual desktop manager for Windows 2000 and XP.
With this application, you can open several windows in different areas of work and switch from one desktop to another with a 3D effect in the shape of a polygon (you can manage until 9 virtual desktops) !
website:DeskHedron Download

You can get more from CrystalXP.net
Good Luck.. :)

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Branding Computer (Windows XP)


             Today, I'm going to make some very cool modifications to my computer. I am sharing with you how we can make our experience with Windows XP a whole lot easier and more fun too!
Well, start off with the system properties window. By default, a computer's system properties windows look like this:
To access that, right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties.Some of us may have a manufacturer logo below the Windows logo. If so, how would you like to add your own logo and some text there
Like this:

Let start:
1.) First, an image(logo) must be created to place there. For that, I am using Microsoft's Paint program, which is included on all Windows computers. To access that, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and choose Paint. OR Go to run type "pbrush" without quote.
2.) The image can be no larger than 180x115 pixels, we need to resize the canvas. To do so, go up to Image and select Attributes. In the box that appears, select Pixels as the measurement unit and enter in the correct units, shown once again below. Then click OK.

3.) Now, go up to File, Save As and save the file in the directory of C:\Windows\System32 with the name of oemlogo.bmp *must be same.
4.) Now, go up to File, Save As and save the file in the directory of C:\Windows\System32 with the name of "oemlogo.bmp".

That does it for the logo. Now, let's move on to entering the text. We will be using Notepad for this part. Now, we are making another required file. Lets start!!!

1.) Get to Notepad by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad.

2.) Next, copy and paste the information below into the text area. You won't want it to be exactly the same as mine (there's more on that below), but go ahead and copy and paste it all first. Then, once you have it in Notepad, you can change everything to read what you want. That way, you'll know for sure that you have the basics entered in correctly.

Manufacturer=Saano Vai
Model=Dell Inspiron 8100
[Support Information]
Line1=This PC was created
Line2=by Saano Vai
Line3=Enjoy using it!
Line4=****visit www.saanotech.blogspot.com****

3.) After you have that pasted in, replace everything after the equal signs (=) with your own information. You can add more lines at the end too, but be sure to use the same format as I did.

4.) Once you have that the way you want it, go up to File and choose Save As. Again, save the file in the directory of C:\Windows\System32, but this time, under the name of oeminfo.ini. Also, be sure to change the file type to All Files instead of Text Document.

If you did this correctly, the next time you check your system properties, your new information should be there. Be sure to click the Support Information link to see your custom message.

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What do all those error codes (like 404) mean?


It happens to all of us. We're surfing along, and up comes an error. What do all those error codes mean? Here's a quick rundown of the most common:

400 - Bad Request
                   We probably typed in a URL wrong, the server has no clue what we're looking for, or we aren't allowed to have access. Usually, it's a matter of the URL being typing in wrong. Maybe we mixed upper and lowercase letters or something.

401 - Unauthorized Request
                  We tried to get to something on the web server we're not allowed to play with. In other words, we ain't on the party list.

403 - Forbidden
                 We can't access the page. We may not have access (it may require a password), or it may be blocked from our domain.

404 - Not Found                                                                                            The page we were trying to look at was not found on the server. This is probably the most common error we'll come across. What has probably happened is that the web page we were going to has been removed or re-named.

500 - Internal error                                                                                            Usually caused by a CGI error. We fill out a form, but the script used to process it is not working properly.

503 - Service Unavailable
                   The server may be overloaded, down, or have other similar problems. Try later.

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Adding Your Name Beside Taskbar Clock


Here is the Old trick (For windows XP):-Free Website Hosting
1. Click on Start menu. Then on Control panel.
2. Now click on “Regional and Language Options” icon.
3. In the “Regional Options” tab, click on “Customize” button.
4. After clicking “Customize” button, another window pops up. Now click on the “Time” tab.
5. Besides AM Symbol and PM Symbol, you can add anything that you want to display in the system tray.

6. If there is limitation of characters, you can even delete the AM and/or PM symbol. Apply, OK
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Customize any site online!!!


Open any website you want to edit.
Copy the code below and paste it into the address bar of the browser and hit enter. Waala
javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

enjoy editing website.

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How to add more sites on Opera speed dial?


                    Speed Dial gives us quick access to our favorite Web sites. Every time a new tab is opened, we are presented with a 3x3 grid of thumbnails, each representing a Web address. To open a page, we can click on the corresponding thumbnail, or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + [1-9].Free Website Hosting

Now, let  start add some more web sites on speed dial. Here we go...
Note the path to Opera directory (Help → About Opera).
Close Opera.OR (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile)
Open speeddial.ini file in any text editor from Opera directory.
Add the following lines and adjust number of rows & columns to your requirement. If you use widescreen monitor, increase number of columns. 



Start Opera. 

enjoy with opera.. :)

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