Custom icon for pendrive


Here is simple procedure to customize our own icon for pendrive.

Have a look a default icon of the pendrive on computer (this is mine) :). To change the icon, we need  "icon" file with .ico extention. So, get some icon to change it. You can have some icon from here.

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Now, lets change icon of pendriv(here pendrive is SAANO_VAI). Just type the following code in notepad or copy it.
icon=icon.ico                                            //icon name with .ico extention
location=SAANO_VAI                          //pendrive name (put ur pendrive name here)

Save the file with name "autorun.inf" with save as type as "All files" in any location. Now, what we have to do is; copy both autorun.inf file & icon file to pendrive (paste it). This is my changed icon of pendrive.Have fun with custom icon...


Anonymous said...

cool idea before i used to make get a exe file to change my icon in pendrive

Saano Vai said...

^we can change our drive icon too from this method.

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